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Breaking News: Fast Search Is Now The 2nd Most Popular Activity Online. Discover How To Get Quality Results In The Least Amount Of Time.

"Commercial Financing Reveals His Secret Weapon For Locating Commercial Funding Sources, Properties And More In Seconds! "

Durante' Parks - Commercial Financing Coach





Durante' Parks

Master Commercial Financier
Commercial Investor
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My Secret Research Weapon!

When it comes to getting targeted search results FAST, I rely on my search automator for serious results. I love this product so much that I paid a few grand and had my own custom version made. This Dog Hunts! And The juice is well worth the squeeze.

Whether it's
Locating Funders for my international financing projects, or locating a hard money lender for a FAST closing, or simply doing Market Research to enhance a funding proposal or title research... my VMB Search Automator is my first choice, even over Google!

This Tool Turns my Query Into A Treasure-Trove Of Websites, Ebooks, Tutorials, Resources, Checklists, Guides, Tips, Tricks, Articles, MP3s, Videos, Images, And More! "

From: Durante' Parks (Master Money Broker/ Coach/ Author)

Dear Friend,

There's a great big online world of free, quality content out there, and quite frankly, you're probably missing out on a lot of it but that's going to change, starting today!

Rarely have I found a tool that I like so much and is so valuable that I cough up thousands of dollars for my own personal version. Well that's what I did with the VMB Search Automator. I used this tools to locate International Funding Sources, Commercial property owners, and other research. The best feature is the way it organizes the search results. Truly awesome! Now you can level the playing field!

My name is Durante' Parks, and as the author of several commercial financing books and articles and boot camps, I've seen from first-hand experience how limiting and frustrating of an experience my students  have when they take their commercial financing business online looking for commercial financing resources and information.

You can change that today - right now!

How would you like to:

bullet Discover a Web you never knew existed, bursting with things that you'll find useful, valuable, interesting, and profitable?
bullet Put your time online into content-consumption overdrive - less time searching, more time finding and researching the things you want?
bullet Get help/how-to's/answers for all those projects you have on your plate. Never again will you need to hand off deals because you can't secure the financing or the property you are looking for.
bullet Make smarter decisions on the deals you are working on , and the things you invest your time and resources in.

My goal with the VMPSearchAutomator Pro is simple: I want to help you locate and discover online all the things you are searching for and things you never knew existed, and help you see the Web in a way you never imagined so that you can immediately begin to use it in an even greater way to enrich your life and your business. I was so impressed with this product that I had my own custom version developed.

I've helped several  people achieve this already, many of which were kind enough to offer an unsolicited testimonial, which I strongly encourage you to read right now - then continue from here.

As I stated at the top of this page:
Search is now the #2 most popular activity people do online.

Since you are going to always be doing research for business, education or entertainment, I want to provide and share with you a very powerful tool that will simply the search process and save you massive amounts of time .

For some people, it's #1.

Why? Because we're born to be information junkies. Our brains love to consume content - enjoy it, learn from it, and share it, and these days, the Web feeds that need like nothing else.

The real challenge comes from trying to fill your brain with the stuff you want.

The Web is overflowing with all sorts of great, quality content about any subject you can imagine. There are tutorials, ebooks, tips, audio clips, video clips, articles, news stories, discussion groups and more about everything from digital photography to Vietnamese cuisine - whatever you want - if you know where to find it and how to get your hands on it.

There are some major challenges with the way most people search for what they want online, maybe yourself included.

Let me ask you:

  1. Do you only use Google or Yahoo?
    If so, you're missing out on a lot of great information and content available to you
    ! As good as these tools are, there's also much more online than they can ever come close to offer by themselves.
  2. Did you know that there are search engines/tools that specialize in helping you find certain types of information/media?
    Try to find music, speeches, sound effects, or other audio with Google, and you'll quickly realize how useful an audio search engine would be
    . This is just a single example. There are search engines designed specifically for helping you find PDFs, health information, news video, classic movies, song lyrics, mp3s, and more
  3. Do you simply type a keyword or two into the search box, press the Search button and hope for the best?
    This is one of the least effective ways of searching for anything
    . The right keyword(s) can make all the difference in the world in your quest for information/content.
  4. Did you know that most search engines allow you to use special words and characters in your search, which enable you to precisely define what you're looking for?
    Using these hidden tools will typically trim your results from millions of OK results to hundreds of quality/relevant results

When it comes to discovering quality content online, most people only scratch the surface of utilizing the power of the search tools that are available to them online.

When it comes to discovering quality content online, most people only scratch the surface of utilizing the power of the search tools that are available to them online. I use this tool to locate private portfolio financiers and private funding sources. I've used it to identify and locate niche markets and I've used it to do research for books and manuals. It's been my secret weapon for 2 years .

"I've been using Search Automator now for some time. What can I say?


I tried all the bits and buttons I could (and believe me, there are so many options I would have been lost if they hadn't been placed so well on the interface!) and found things that humans have never seen...

If Google is the searching T-Rex, SearchAutomator is the smaller animal that survived the dinosaur extinction: it's so flexible and effective that I can't do without it now.... so, to make a long story short:

Thanks a lot for having shared this beautiful searching jewel with us!"

Saul A.J. Burton


"Larry Parsons here and if I could personally shake your hand, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

The past five weeks I've really put Search Automator to the test and it has proven trustworthy, fast, easy to use and everything you said it would be.

I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me on a daily basis PLUS, I almost signed up for a hundred dollar a month membership just to get what they promised was similar to Search Automator - Man am I glad I didn't do that!

Your price is much too low, and I would have gladly paid twice the amount to get it.

Your follow-up and support really, well...

...it's GREAT.

You have a long term customer.  Thanks for what you do."

Larry Parsons


"I am a genealogist, and a friend of mine, author Nancy Hendrickson, wrote about Search Automator in her online newsletter. She was quite enthusiastic, so I decided to purchase it.

I am so impressed!

The research it enables me to accomplish on the Internet in a very short time is amazing!

Just as an experiment, I entered one of my family names and asked for images - within seconds I had 2,056 hits - and this is not a common name such as Smith or Jones. The search covered sites whose existence I was not even aware of.

I have been telling all of my friends how great it is. In fact, I am ordering another copy to give to someone as a Christmas gift.

What a great tool!!"

Phyllis Quarg


VMB Search Automator - Your Personal

Put simply, VMB Search Automator...


Gives you one-click access to some of the most powerful search technologies on the planet,
 including specialized search engines that go way beyond what Google, Yahoo, and MSN can do


Guides you through the search process, helping you quickly discover exactly what you're wanting



Exposes advanced search capabilities that many search engines offer, but most people don't
 even know exist - and let's you easily tap their power to find exactly what you're looking for



Increases the quality of content you find online - guaranteed!



Is easy to use due to its unique, professionally-designed, intuitive interface - no clutter, bloat,
or clumsy dialog boxes


Saves you time - potentially hours a week, depending on how much you use it



Gives you the edge in finding practically any kind of content you want on practically any subject
you can imagine


Makes searching online an absolute blast! You never realized what amazing discoveries exist
online for free

Read more testimonials here...

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VMB Search Automator - Simple, Powerful, and Fun

So what makes VMB Search Automator so unique, and what research tools does it offer for literally changing the way you see and use the Web for helping you quickly discover the content you want?

The following multimedia previews give you a small glimpse into what makes VMB Search Automator such a breakthrough tool for anyone looking for information and other types of content online.

VMB Search Automator packs all these powerful features (many of which have been enhanced or added since the original version) into a single interface:



One-click Access To The Most Powerful Search Technologies On The Planet -
No longer are you confined to the very limited results of using only a single search engine. At any
time you're just one-click away from a whole new world of information/content related to your keyword
VMB Search Automator includes dozens of new sources.


Tell VMB Search Automator What You Want, And Let It Find It For You - Are you looking for Bill Gates' biography? Type biography. bill gates into VMB Search Automator's main search box and it will automatically detect you're looking for Bill Gates' biography and handle submitting your search to the best source for biographies. Want a PDF document about building a kite? Type pdf. kite building. VMB Search Automator will only display PDF documents about kite building. Whether you're looking for black and white images, videos on Yahoo, audio sound effects, or articles on a subject, there's a simple Query Command to help you find it faster.


Query Tipster: Inspiration To Help You Find What You're Looking For - When you go looking for content about a specific subject, whether a person, place, health issue, or product, the Query Tipster tool provides simple tips and insights to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It's like a search guide who's there when you need them.


Integrated Search And Discovery Intelligence - The skills that create a professional information-master are built-in, all you need to do is click!


Web Searches - Find Web sites, ebooks (PDF documents), guides, tips, articles, resources, forums, FAQs, checklists , ebooks, newsletters, and more. You have control over the domains searched, the date-range of the content you're looking for and other options.


Web Searches 2 - Find files related to your keyword, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. Perform local searches to find products and businesses in your area that are related to your keyword. Find great free content published by the U.S. government, public domain (free) content, and even 'secret' content that Google will give you that most people will never find on their own.


World Searches - Take your search around the world and discover content in the four corners of the Earth. With a click you can send your query to country-specific/language-specific search engines found in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, German, France, Italy, Spain, and more.


Image Searches - Find images, animations, wallpapers, maps, artwork, museum images, and drawings related to your keyword. Search specific domains, select whether you want color or black & white images, and what size images you want. Find news photos related to your keyword, Flash movies related to your keyword, and even recently posted cellphone images related to your keyword (yeah, everything makes it online).


Audio Searches - What are you wanting: audio clips of a speech, a song you just heard, MIDI music you can sing to, CDs, sound effects, podcasts, or lyrics to help you sing along to your favorite song? It's just a click away.


Video Searches - New to the Web (thanks to faster Internet connections) is video. With some of the new video search technologies that are beginning to hit the Web, you have access to news videos, instructional videos, historical videos, and even peoples' personal videos (that they've posted online). When researching a subject, how useful would full-motion video be? VMB Search Automator is the best search tool to bring it to you.


Reference Searches - Find articles, answers to questions, encyclopedia entries and FAQs related to your keyword(s). Discover how it works, its history, and tap into the Internet Archive (a huge online archive) for finding recordings, commercials, software, and texts related to it.


Word Searches - What would you like to discover about a word: its definition, a synonym, antonym, quotations it appears in, words with the same meaning, words containing the same letters? It's better than having an English professor as your assistant.


News Searches - If you're familiar with Internet research, you know that the news usually contains some of the freshest content available online. VMB Search Automator enable you to easily discover news articles related to your keyword(s) from some of the best news sources online including, CNN, Google News, Yahoo News, and Topix.


RSS/Blog Searches - If you haven't yet heard of RSS feeds and blogs, you will - very soon! They represent some of the most powerful information sources to hit Web in several years. VMB Search Automator has extensive support for helping you locate RSS feeds and blogs related to your keywords.


Shopping Searches - Whether your search involves a person, place, or thing, VMB Search Automator opens up a world of books, music, movies, and other products related to that search. Searching for 'sailing' - find life jackets. Searching for 'wedding' - find wedding dresses. Shopping doesn't get any easier.


Travel Searches - So, you're planning a trip to Rome? Or is it Hawaii? Or Sydney, perhaps? It doesn't matter! Enter the name of a location into VMB Search Automator and you'll be a click away from travel tips, sights to see, maps, webcams, pictures, videos, and even the local weather.

Read more testimonials here...


Health Searches - Everything from information about treating allergies and tips for getting great sleep, to the latest health news about a health topic, health videos, nutrition information and recipes.


Around the House Searches - Find tons of great information related to your house and home. Find answers to do-it-yourself projects (such as gardening, roofing, remodeling), discover just the perfect recipe related to an ingredient (onion, chocolate, BBQ, and others), learn about that new car you've had your eye on (Mazda 6, Nissan Maxima, Pontiac G6), and find pet-related advice, tips, articles and resources.


Tech Searches - Whether it's a computer question, a product review, or a piece of software you're looking for, VMB Search Automator brings it to you with the click of a button.


Related Searches - One of the most powerful research tools found in VMB Search Automator. For example, when searching for the term 'weddings', VMB Search Automator's related searches feature will reveal to you all sorts of related terms you might find helpful, but may have not thought of on your own, such as: favors, invitations, photographers, ceremony, honeymoon, reception, registry, dresses, gowns, vows, showers, flowers, and jewelry, just to name a few.


Current URL Tools - A URL is not just a URL. Use VMB Search Automator to quickly retrieve the current URL's Alexa ranking and other useful information that Alexa provides. Find other pages on the Web with related content to a particular URL/site, find recent blog posts related to what's discussed on a particular URL, discover archived versions of a site. Grab images, audio, video, PDF's and Flash movies found at a particular URL with ease - turns every site on the Web into your personal information/media candy store!


Search this Domain - Gives you instant search functionality for virtually any site you may visit - whether the site provides a search box of its own or not! This allows you to confine your search to the site you're currently visiting.


URL Slideshow - Turns a series of sequentially numbered URLs (mypage1.htm, mypage2.htm, mypage3.htm, etc.) into a hands-free slideshow - set a time and press a Play button to view the pages one after the other - hands-free!


URL Player - Press a Play button and sit back as VMB Search Automator creates a slideshow of your search being submitted to various search engines - hands-free! You got to see this in action to really appreciate it.


Query Tools To Help You Become a Google Professional - There are simple tricks to dramatically increasing the quality of results you get when using Google. The Query Tools that VMB Search Automator provides to you is like your own bag of search tricks - helping you easily create powerful and effective queries that bring out the best in Google.


Daily Searches - Are there news stories you like to watch on a daily basis, want to know what's happening in your city today? VMB Search Automator lets track this information in the click of your mouse.


Favorite Searches - Have a set of keywords that you like to search on a regular basis? VMB Search Automator lets you quickly save all of your favorite search terms for easy recall later. Favorites are even intelligently categorized into favorite image searches, favorite audio searches, favorite news searches, and many more.


Search Shortcuts - There are some types of searches that, by their nature, only have a single answer. These includes sports scores, stock quotes, maps, weather, and others. VMB Search Automator's Search Shortcuts help you find these kinds of information with minimal fuss and hassle.


Persistent Advanced Searches - If you frequently tap into the advanced searching capabilities of the search powerhouses out there, you'll love VMB Search Automator's ability to display advanced search options in a panel, which remains open even after submitting your advanced search, allowing to continue to refine your search with ease, until you find just what you're looking for.


Much more...

"I think all the descriptive adjectives have been used up already when it comes to describing the experience one gets from using Search Automator.

Some of these descriptions I saw from other users on your web site were comments like: "wow", "amazing", "fantastic", and "I'm blown away", to name a few.

I now know why people were saying these things after finally experiencing Search Automation for myself, and I couldn't agree more.

This is the tool I've been looking for, and in just a week of owning it, I have found more content for my web sites in that short period of time than I have for that past several months. I couldn't ask for a better search tool.

It's got it all, and everything is right there in one easy-to-navigate interface.

The advantages of using Search Automator in helping improve my business and taking it to that proverbial "next level" seem limitless to me now, and I'm excited about the potential for myself and my business from here on out.

Thanks, Derek."

Phyllis Quarg


Harnessing VMB Search Automator's Power

Now that you've seen just some of the things that VMB Search Automator can do, it's time to show you how you can use it to enhance your personal and business lives. Here a just a few ideas to get you started:


Create high-quality information products - The very concept of an information product (such as an ebook) is that it's filled with information. If you're an information product creator, and your bottom-line is dependent on providing quality products based on quality content, VMB Search Automator is a must!

VMB Search Automator will likely expose to you an incredibly vast world of content related to your subject you may have never knew existed. Content that can generate new ideas for you, or that you can seek permission to use.

VMB Search Automator will help you take your products to a value-level unmatched by your competitors.


Research niches/hobbies inside-out - Weddings, sailing, back pain, migraines, great sleep, wrestling, scrapbooking, Alaskan Huskies, baseball, home remodeling, are all niches that people are tapping into to improve their lives, or make big money online - either through ebooks, membership sites, or affiliate sites.

Great, quality information is at the heart of providing a product or service related to a niche that others are willing to pay for.

VMB Search Automator helps you with your Internet research and easily finds articles, tips, guides, checklists, news, and other valuable content for satisfying your needs of the the wants of any niche market - even if you personally have very little knowledge of that niche market yourself.

Discover tons of how-to's on anything you want to know - How do you remove spyware from your computer? How do you change a tire? How do you set goals? How do you build a patio onto your house? Our days seemed to be constantly filled with how-do-I's.

You would be amazed at the number of free resources there are online to help you get the answers to your daily questions, and I'm not just talking just text-based articles either - even audio and video how-to's. You just need to know how and where to look.

VMB Search Automator points you in the right direction.

Got a question - get an answer - No matter whether you have a question about a product, service, health issue, place, an event in history, a band, a person, or a thing, chances are that online, someone, or group of people, has posted an answer, a review, an ebook, or or even entire Website with their experience and input about it.

Quickly learn from others and avoid reinventing the wheel.

OK, So What's The Cost Of This Unique Search Tool?

VMB Search Automator has taken over a year, and thousands of dollars to develop. As you've seen from the demos I've provided on this page, the results are a software package with unparalleled capabilities and quality.

More than charging some outrageous price, thus limiting who can experience benefiting from it, I'd rather get it into as hands of as many people as possible - yours included.

I seriously consider it a great privilege to have a product that continues to have such a huge positive effect on so many peoples' personal and business lives.

I want new users to feel as if I have, without question, overdelivered a valuable, quality product that simply blows them away. With that in mind...

I'm pleased to offer VMB Search Automator today for the low price of only $37.95!

Money-back Guarantee!

Here's my unconditional, money back guarantee:

100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Take VMB Search Automator for a good test drive. Use it extensively in your Internet research.

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll give you my 100% unconditional, 30-day guarantee!

I mean, if you're not absolutely amazed by VMB Search Automator, and the way it will literally transform your ability to find information/content online, then simply return it for a full refund.

No questions asked, no complaining, no whining!

Order Securely Anytime Day Or Night

Within minutes you can be harnessing the incredible power of this software.

After you place your order, you'll be taken to a download page where you can download
your copy of VMB Search Automator so you can begin using and benefiting from it immediately.

VMB Search Automator is Windows compatible software
 (There currently is not a Mac version - sorry!).

System Requirements Include (most computers fit these requirements):

Version 3.0 : Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA
Minimum 500 mhz processor
Minimum of 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Only $37.95!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee